Cutting Through the Fluff

Chrissie's guidance and knowledge helped me revamp my LinkedIn profile to help get more attention and generate more leads. Since updating my profile, I've had multiple people from my network reach out to me to talk about working together.

If you want to use LinkedIn to generate legit leads and grow your business, listen to Chrissie. She cuts through the fluff from other LinkedIn experts and is my go-to for all things LinkedIn.

Maggie Patterson Principal Consultant, Scoop Studios

Fitting the Puzzle Together

I needed help with a sales page for my business and turned to Chrissie for help. I truly felt a sense of relief when I recognized that she could take what I built and make it better. She was able to take all of the "stuff" I created over the years and made the puzzle pieces work together. Her talents are finding the "holes in the funnel" and the "missing links" to put together a stronger and more predictable business. Whether those holes are sales page copy, email composition, SEO for your blog posts, social media headlines, (I'm sure there is more!) or putting it all together. I am so excited to find someone that is finding my weak spots and is also willing to discuss them with me and fix them with me. Yes "with me" is double on purpose. It made me excited about my website again.

Jeanette Stein Owner, High School Math Teachers

NFL Growth

Chrissie is as responsible as anyone for growing the Detroit Lions social media and overall digital presence. At the outset of our tenure there together both of those platforms were nascent at best. Her vision and creativity, her in-depth understanding of the space and her ability to manage a very diverse group of individuals all lead to an accelerated trajectory of growth for the organization’s presence on social media allowing the organization to execute very successfully against its first ever digital media business plan, resulting in new revenue streams from the monetization of its growing digital assets.

Luis Perez President & COO, AccessPoint

Strong LinkedIn Presence

Chrissie has done a fabulous job getting our LinkedIn Profile developed. She is great to work with and would be an asset to any company seeking to improve its LinkedIn presence. I highly recommend her!

Jamie Costello Owner

Converting Connections to Leads

We hired Chrissie to help us find connections that could be potential customers or strategic partners. Her work has allowed me to reach a much larger crowd than I would have been able to myself. She has done a great job converting connections to leads, which has led to growth in our B2B sales and repeat business.

Michael Bonner Manager and Sales Arborist, Iron Tree Service

A True Partner

I hired Chrissie to create and sustain a professional presence for me on social media. But over the past several years, she has become a true partner in my work. From website design to strategic planning to writing content to setting up payment platforms -- she has become a seamless part of my business.

Allison Zmuda Education Consultant

Growing an Audience

The growth of The ChadTough Foundation’s audience is in large part due to the efforts and expertise of Chrissie. She leverages available data analytics to inform the most effective and efficient amplification methods. She has overhauled our website, refining the navigation based on the foundation’s objectives and user behavior. She continues to build our social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She oversees all email communication. And she successfully engages the media (radio, newspaper, tv) whenever we have newsworthy events. If you are looking to drive brand connection while growing your audience, I highly recommend working with Chrissie Wywrot.

Ann Friedholm Executive Director

A Reflection of My Business

I needed to update my LinkedIn profile to reflect my change in careers but didn’t know who to turn to for help with that. I heard Chrissie interview on Natalie (Eckdahl's) podcast. I respect her opinion and knew that anyone she has on her podcast is someone she would recommend. After hearing you on the podcast I know I wanted to work with you.

My LinkedIn profile now reflects my new business and I have a strategy that I feel will result in some leads from LinkedIn. I have been showing up in some searches. I feel confident that I will get leads from LinkedIn once I implement the strategy that you outlined for me. I also feel that my profile gives me credibility.

Pamela Cox Owner, Pamela Cox Wellness