Why Rodan and Fields is the Best Direct Sales Business

When you look at someone hustling their direct sales business, you may think, “There is no way I would ever do that!”

If that is your mindset, let me tell you that I completely relate. It’s how I felt prior to February of this year. Then enter what was essentially unemployment. My husband and I lost my primary income with a three-day-old baby at home (in addition to the 4- and 2-year-old kids we already had) and I grew desperate, willing to consider just about anything to provide for my family. Ultimately, one of my answers was Rodan and Fields.

Aside from being backed by two nationally-renowned dermatologists and businesswomen, the great thing about Rodan and Fields is the compensation plan. No, it isn’t a pyramid scheme. You can make good money selling premium products without ever recruiting a single person and — let me tell you — these products sell themselves.

To paint the picture of how you can earn good money selling primarily to your direct network (aka mom, auntie, cousins), I will offer insight into what this business has done for me and what I expect it will do for me in the future.

Paying The Bills – Check!

As someone needing income to pay the monthly bills, my initial goal was to sell products like crazy to leverage Rodan and Fields’ outstanding compensation plan. Anything I sold earned me all of the money above consultant price (15-percent retail) on top of 15-percent commission. It didn’t take much to start bringing in money, and I quickly earned back my initial investment before contributing to our family bills each month.

Supporting My Other Business – In Progress

In addition to my work as a Rodan and Fields consultant, I am a writer and PR consultant. My next goal with Rodan and Fields is to earn enough monthly income to take the pressure off my writing and PR projects, specifically allowing me to take on more in the nonprofit sector. I have signed two business partners with more in the mix, moving me closer to that goal!

Making it My Full-Time Business – Future Goal

My dream goal with Rodan and Fields is to make it my full-time passion. I love working this business, and actually struggle to turn away from it each day to focus on other projects. I want to support my Rodan and Fields organization by writing (with pieces such as this) and marketing (by managing my team members), while giving back as a way of life through PR work for nonprofits.

A New Inspiration

There are so many reasons to join Rodan and Fields, but the most inspiring to me of late has to be my recently-signed business partner, Cathy. She is a teacher by trade, passionate about helping her students to the point that money doesn’t matter to her. Unfortunately for all of us, though, money has to matter or we won’t survive!


It was important to me that I was backing truly good products, and these are just that. This is also a friend of mine, not a stock photo.

So, as a way to help herself in the present and with her future retirement, she signed on to sell Rodan and Fields. This was both an easy and difficult decision for her. She knew it was what she wanted to do, but struggled with the start-up cost. While all of the start-up kits are under $1,000, that is a lot of money for a lot of people, especially when you are joining the business because you need money!

What made the decision to join a no-brainer for her was the fast-start bonus (new consultants can earn back their full investment if they sign two partners within the first 60 days) and the 60-day empty-bottle money-back guarantee. Yes, that’s right folks, that safety net applies to business kits as well as the consumer products.

In fact, it’s what resulted in my husband giving me the green light to sign up.

Cathy and I are currently collaborating on her big business launch taking place next week, and she already has a number of people interested in joining her team and complimenting her skin! She’s only been using the products for four days. Beyond that, I love her enthusiasm. Selling these products is going to be so easy for her.

What Would Your Timeline Look Like?

What would be your reason for joining Rodan and Fields? Are you in the midst of financial struggles like I was, or are you saving for retirement like Cathy? Are you hoping to transition into being a stay-at-home mom, or do you just want extra cash for yourself or your family?

No matter the reason, the time to join is now, and I would love to talk to you about it.

Reach out and let’s chat ASAP!

How to Let Go of Your Fear of Direct Sales

I had an ‘Aha’ moment earlier today while listening to a training call by the incredible Leslie Zann. Leslie is a motivational speaker who spent decades in Real Estate and Direct Selling, both as a seller and on the corporate side. I jumped at the chance to participate considering Leslie’s conference in March is one of the big reasons I decided to go full steam ahead with Rodan and Fields.

What was my ‘Aha’ moment? She talked about mirroring. That we can mirror our own issues or insecurities onto our business prospects or customers without even realizing it. Here’s the thing: I may think the business kits are too expensive (I personally don’t), so when I’m talking to a prospect I’d like to sign, my non-verbals and the words I choose will mirror my own attitude about the cost of the kits. She will then be more than likely object, citing that same issue.’

What Am I Mirroring?

I am passionate about life and friendships and enjoy helping others recognize things about themselves. So, for me, the concept of helping someone see that Rodan and Fields is a great business choice for them is a fun one. I love talking one-on-one with someone to navigate through that process so they can decide if it is, in fact, right for them.

There’s only one problem.

Once you dig deeper into your friends’ list on Facebook or any other social network, you don’t know those people that well. You have to reach to see if there would be interest or, worse, send a message in a cold-call-type way. That’s the one thing I didn’t want with this business, and I’ve found myself doing things like that lately.

I’ve decided it has to stop.

Changing My Reflection

I have to change my mindset to seeing Rodan and Fields as an opportunity and not a nuisance. Yes, I understand that being propositioned about a direct selling company can be a huge pain, especially if 25% of your Facebook friends are doing it. I mean, how many Tupperware, book, nail, or cleaning product parties can you attend? Even if it is “from the comfort of your own living room?”

That’s why the key for me is changing the reason why I want to invite these people in the first place. When there is a genuine desire to connect people with something they will care about, it doesn’t come across as a nuisance. Instead of sending a turnkey message auto-generated by the direct sales company, get to know people and determine if the product (or business) you are selling is a good fit for them. And if you don’t know, ask. Make it a real conversation.

The difficult part of direct sales is that the trainings are geared toward the masses. It’s difficult to customize messaging because there are just too many people to deal with. So it’s important to understand that you don’t have to do things exactly as a training would tell you to do them.

The most important thing is making it your own.

You Don’t Have to Lie

You don’t want to lie. You want to talk to yourself about why you feel the way you do. I feel like a jerk reaching out to people simply for the sake of reaching out to them. I like to get to know people first before I ask them about Rodan and Fields, or even just mention Rodan and Fields.

So my goal needs to be simply to talk to people, and let any business opportunity come up in conversation naturally.

But why do I have to feel guilty about striking up conversations for the sole purpose of networking? It’s part of the job and a part of the job I love. I love talking to people. I love catching up and getting to know others and sharing things about my family and my life.

There is nothing wrong with doing that because I need to keep a pulse on people in general in order to stay successful at what I’m doing for a living.

So there. Mirror that.

What I’ve learned from Leslie is that I have to address my own fears and insecurities about what I’m saying to business prospects before I can speak to them with any confidence. We can’t think for other people, so trying to determine what they will think if you ask them about the business or products is futile. Just do your thing, and let them do their thing.

Will people get annoyed? Yes. But people will also be genuinely excited you thought of them and reached out with an incredible opportunity.