Strategy Audit for Personal Branding

I work with individuals on leveraging personal brand to enhance business and foundation goals. A Strategy Audit for Personal Branding jump starts that process, providing:

  1. A definition of personal brand
  2. A general long-term strategy
  3. A detailed three-month strategy
  4. Execution and next steps

This following is an outline of how we will reach those deliverables, though the process will be far more detailed. Further questions and ideas will take shape during questioning and will be tailored to the unique professional and brand.

Step 1: Defining Personal Brand

The first step is defining your personal brand: who are you and what does your business or foundation stand for? We will dig into a number of areas including, but not limited to: your passion for what you do, who you want to help with your business or foundation, and what drives you as a professional.

Step 2: Build A Personal Brand Strategy

After discussing who you are and what you are looking to accomplish, we will turn to specifics of your business or foundation to build a strategy. We will look at all areas of your business including, but not limited to: target audience, short- and long-term goals, and predicted revenue generators.

Resulting from this process will be a detailed, three-month strategy with specific action items as well as a general, long-term strategy that can be adjusted based on results.

Step 3: Execution & Next Steps

Upon delivery of the above materials, I will provide suggestions for execution and next steps along with a scope of work outlining my services. These services include ongoing personal brand strategy, media relations, content generation, and social media.

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