Marketing Strategy

Marketing StrategyMy marketing strategy will provide you with a detailed road map to begin or continue promoting your business. We will schedule a 1-hour call to review your business details and what you are looking to achieve through content, social media, and your website.

Following our call, I will write a detailed strategy directly addressing all of it, pulling from my 14-plus years of digital marketing and public relations experience dating back to my time in the NFL. I’ve worked on a national stage with both the Detroit Lions and The ChadTough Foundation, as well as countless businesses in a variety of industries.

Marketing strategies are for professionals needing a fresh set of eyes to look at their businesses and point them in the right marketing direction.

We are so close to our own businesses that having a fresh perspective is often critical to success. Even though I’m a marketing professional, I employ a business coach and ask my colleagues for feedback regarding my own strategy.

Every single strategy I put together is customized to the business I’m serving.

how the process works:

You send me questions or concerns around your marketing strategy. These items often include, but are not limited to:

  • Social media platforms – which to use and how to use them
  • Branding – making sure it fits the business
  • Selling – how to reach clients or customers online
  • Messaging – does it fit?
  • Content – what to say and how to say it

1. Interview

I interview you for 30-60 minutes over Zoom to learn more about your existing strategy, how you get your current sales, your business appeal, and more. The questions I ask will be based on the concerns you are looking to address.

2. Research

I transcribe our interview so I don’t miss anything you’ve said to me! I take a deep dive into your current social media accounts, website, competitors, and more to determine the best marketing approach for you based on your goals.

3. Strategy

I provide a 3-5 page marketing strategy that includes step-by-step instructions for implementing your new marketing strategy. It will address the specific questions you have and act as a blueprint for you to use moving forward.

What do you get?

You will have a marketing blueprint that you can follow to success. Instead of constantly wondering whether what you’re doing is the right thing for your business, you can maintain focus on one clear plan. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Fitting the Puzzle Together

I needed help with a sales page for my business and turned to Chrissie for help. I truly felt a sense of relief when I recognized that she could take what I built and make it better. She was able to take all of the "stuff" I created over the years and made the puzzle pieces work together. Her talents are finding the "holes in the funnel" and the "missing links" to put together a stronger and more predictable business. Whether those holes are sales page copy, email composition, SEO for your blog posts, social media headlines, (I'm sure there is more!) or putting it all together. I am so excited to find someone that is finding my weak spots and is also willing to discuss them with me and fix them with me. Yes "with me" is double on purpose. It made me excited about my website again.

Jeanette Stein
Owner, High School Math Teachers

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