One-Time Marketing Strategy

Chrissie WywrotMy marketing strategy will provide you with a detailed road map to begin or continue promoting your business. We will schedule a 1-hour call to review your business details and what you are looking to achieve through content, social media, and your website.

Following our call, I will write a detailed strategy directly addressing all of it, pulling from my 12-plus years of digital marketing and public relations experience dating back to my time in the NFL. I’ve worked on a national stage with both the Detroit Lions and The ChadTough Foundation, as well as countless businesses in a variety of industries.

All of this allows me to write a marketing strategy unique to your business. No two marketing strategy documents are the same – every single one is written specifically for the client.

How the Marketing Strategy process works

You provide:

  • Target Audience Details: If you do not already have a well-developed target audience, you will receive prompting questions to help you flesh out your target audience and avatars.
  • Overall Marketing Goal: What are you looking to achieve through your marketing strategy?
  • Business Details: I will ask a series of questions to learn more about your business history (e.g. what has worked/what hasn’t worked, where do you have social media platforms), goals (e.g. what do you want to accomplish with your marketing?), target audience, product/services, and more.

I provide:

Original Content Plan

  • Should you leverage video, images, or written content? You will receive a recommendation based on your strengths and your target audience.
  • What should you discuss? You will receive a breakdown of the subjects you should highlight based on your expertise, target audience, what you are selling, and the channels you are using.
  • Content frequency. How often should you post original content?
  • Should you leverage curated content? It is in the best interest of some professionals to position themselves as an expert and a source of information for their audience. Sharing curated content — content produced by someone else — is a way to achieve that.

Social Media Strategy

Each social media platform has its own method of communication, audience, and strategy. You will receive a social media recommendation for your business:

  • Where should you have a presence? Some businesses try to saturate their efforts by being on “every” platform instead of the right platforms. You will receive a list of where you should have accounts.
  • Who are you targeting? Many businesses target more than one audience with different products or services. That means you may leverage one social media platform for one audience and a different one for another.
  • What should you post? You will receive a detailed outline of how to package your content on each platform. This will include everything from what to say to the technical nuances of posting.
  • Are you reaching the right people? Sometimes we “think” we have a successful social media account, but we’re reaching the wrong people.

Answers to specific questions:

You may have specific marketing questions you would like answered. I will answer your questions and provide detailed support to guide you in the right direction.

Examples of questions:

  • How do we execute communicating our message that we are shifting our branding focus?
  • Which social media platforms are best to sell our products/services?
  • How can we maximize our posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote our business?
  • In what order should I publish my website, start position to social media, and start producing content?

Other areas of expertise:

My marketing strategies are customized to your business, so you may receive different deliverables based on your needs.

Examples include:

  • Rollout steps and timeline for integrating a new website, social media, and content
  • Email marketing strategy
  • Specific content ideas
  • Prompting questions to spark your ideas around products, services, or promotion
  • Media relations strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website strategy

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