B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation

My LinkedIn Lead Generation program will help you add relevant connections to your network to generate leads.

This program works for individuals who:

  • Don’t have time to generate connections and leads on LinkedIn
  • Struggle with cold reach-outs

How does the program work?

  1. I interview you to learn more about your business, your target audience, and the way you communicate.
  2. We come up with an “ask” for your reach-outs (e.g. setting up a discovery call, selling a service). This ask is incorporated into the connection request.
  3. I mock up two reach-outs for you to review that fit within the 300 characters LinkedIn allows along with connection requests.
  4. Once we have at least one to work with, I conduct reach-outs on your behalf using that reach-out. The goal is to convert cold reach-outs to leads while also adding relevant connections to your network.

Why Connection Requests instead of InMail?

I reach out for connections instead of using InMail for two reasons:

  1. It’s less threatening than an InMail message, which screams “sales” when it comes through.
    Recipients can deny an InMail message, handcuffing you from a follow-up.
  2. Even if the recipient of the connection request doesn’t want what you’re selling now, they often accept the request anyway, adding a valuable lead to your network.

Once someone is a connection request, you can send them private messages without character limit to follow up.

Converting Connections to Leads

We hired Chrissie to help us find connections that could be potential customers or strategic partners. Her work has allowed me to reach a much larger crowd than I would have been able to myself. She has done a great job converting connections to leads, which has led to growth in our B2B sales and repeat business.

Michael Bonner
Manager and Sales Arborist, Iron Tree Service

How Much Does It Cost?

For $500, I make 50 relevant, customized cold reach-outs on your behalf using connection requests. Many professionals receive a 40-50% acceptance rate, meaning you’ll have between 15-25 potential leads within your LinkedIn network. Even if those potential leads don’t say yes right away, you can now nurture them to be clients of the future.

Previous Projects

Local Business

The client is a salesperson from a tree removal company wanting to connect with landscaping businesses to network and property managers and golf courses to sell services. Reach-outs are being made to individuals within a specific proximity to the client. Limitations include a low engagement on LinkedIn by potential leads (most spend a lot of time outdoors and not at a computer).


  • 295 cold reach-outs/connection requests
  • 95 connection requests accepted (16 of the first 50)
  • 18 calls set up from cold reach-outs (3 in the first 50)
  • 204 warm reach-outs (already connections)
  • 8 calls set up from warm reach-outs

Facilities Leads

A client providing medical care to facilities throughout the United States was looking to set up discovery calls between a facility’s operations professional and the client’s sales team. Initial limitations included the client choosing not to create accompanying content to nurture potential leads and the client’s target audience having a limited presence on LinkedIn.


  • 333 cold reach-outs/connection requests
  • 137 connection requests accepted
  • 19 responses for calls or to refer to another department for a call

A High-Ticket Item

The client is in a very niche space that requires just two conversions per year to make LinkedIn lead generation worth it. The goal of this reach-out process was to put the client in front of relevant leads to generate awareness – whether or not relevant leads hire this client is circumstantial, so the reach-outs were more of an “FYI” with the hope that circumstances would line up. The client is also generating content to nurture these leads.


  • 226 cold reach-outs/connection requests
  • 113 connection requests accepted (33 of the first 50)
  • 2 conversions

Cutting Through the Fluff

Chrissie's guidance and knowledge helped me revamp my LinkedIn profile to help get more attention and generate more leads. Since updating my profile, I've had multiple people from my network reach out to me to talk about working together.

If you want to use LinkedIn to generate legit leads and grow your business, listen to Chrissie. She cuts through the fluff from other LinkedIn experts and is my go-to for all things LinkedIn.

Maggie Patterson
Principal Consultant, Scoop Studios

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