B2B Lead Generation

Generating leads is one of my favorite things to do, whether it’s for my own business or someone else’s.

I have a natural ability when it comes to reaching out cold, relying on gut instinct and personal connection for generating leads and potential business partners.

If we work together to generate leads for your business, you won’t receive an immediate guarantee that you will have 100 leads within a week’s time. That’s not how I operate.

Instead, you can expect a realistic plan that will include these elements:

Individualized Reach-Outs

I don’t believe in stock reach-outs. They rarely work, if ever. People respond to human engagement and the potential of a mutually-beneficial relationship. When a reach-out reeks of having been sent to 99 others who fit a particular mold, it is ineffective.

A Long-Term Strategy

Some of my clients receive immediate traction with cold reach-outs. Others need to engage in a long-term strategy — liking and commenting on posts, making discovery calls — to generate leads. Here’s the thing: it will depend on what you’re offering. Some offers are good enough to make people jump right away. Others take a number of touch-points.

Proof of Concept

Proving your offer is worthwhile can come in a number of forms: content, testimonials, quantitative results, etc. You may already have this proof established when we start working together, which is perfect — those are the clients who tend to receive immediate results. If you don’t, part of our initial strategy will include putting that proof together so you can show potential clients what you can do for them.

If you are looking to generate leads for your six-figure business, waste no time in reaching out to me at chrissie@chrissiewywrot.com. We will develop a strategy to fit you and your business and work together to get those leads rolling in!