Signing of the Stars

An Open Letter to Michigan State Fans Regarding Yesterday’s ‘Harbaugh-Palooza’

Dear Michigan State fans,

I was at yesterday’s ‘Signing of the Stars’ event.

I know it was a tad over the top. Okay, I know it was a lot over the top. It was a combination of ESPN Gameday and the Oscars. Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, Ric Flair, Jim Leyland, Lou Holtz, Mike Shanahan and Phil Hellmuth all made appearances. Videos of Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Charles Woodson, and Drew Brees were played.

I wouldn’t have been shocked if President Obama himself had taken the stage to inaugurate the 2016 Michigan football recruiting class.

Jim Harbaugh was in his element, working the crowd and having a great time. As crazy as it was, it was fun. You hated it.

Hey, I don’t blame you. I can guarantee Michigan fans would have hated the exact same event had it been “Dantonio-Palooza” instead of the other way around. After all, loathing one another is what sports rivalries are all about. It’s what makes them fun. What pleasure would we get out of genuinely enjoying one another’s success? Lame, I tell you.

ChadTough Decals

Ohio State and Michigan State wore ChadTough helmet decals to honor Chad Carr.

Well, as you (justifiably) chuckled over yesterday’s event, you probably caught wind that it raised more than $110,000 for The ChadTough Foundation. You will remember ChadTough from the time your marching band helped script “#ChadTough” on the field after a win over Michigan. Your players also wore “ChadTough” decals on their helmets to honor him last season.

He was an incredible, silly, fun little boy who, as mom Tammi said yesterday, accomplished more in his five years than many accomplish in a lifetime. See, Chad’s foundation is raising money and bringing much-needed awareness to Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, or DIPG. It’s an inoperable brain tumor that takes the lives of children within about a year of diagnosis. There is no cure.

The fact that yesterday’s ChadTough fundraising event is creating a stir between Michigan and Michigan State is actually poetic. See, Chad — who came from two Michigan football bloodlines in the Carr and Curtis families — loved to tease his family that he preferred Michigan State over Michigan. It’s something that endears him to Spartans and is part of Chad’s magic.

The ChadTough Foundation is glad to have you mocking Michigan today after yesterday’s event. Not only does it keep the nation talking about ChadTough and DIPG, it’s something Chad undoubtedly would have enjoyed.

So, Spartans, feel free to make fun of Michigan, but don’t forget to smile that little Chad is probably getting a kick out of it. Then donate to The ChadTough Foundation to help him complete his mission that began with his diagnosis on September 23, 2014, and continues with his family’s fight.

The ChadTough Foundation will be a part of the movement that finds a cure for the monster that is DIPG. Once that happens, it will be able to boast that it did so thanks to the undying support from Wolverines and Spartans alike.


One ChadTough Supporter who just happens to wear Maize and Blue


15 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Michigan State Fans Regarding Yesterday’s ‘Harbaugh-Palooza’

    • Chrissie Wywrot says:

      Money was raised through individual donations and a $50,000 match by Ira and Nicki Harris. There will probably be more coming in, though, because people brought checks with them to the event, but weren’t permitted to donate on site.

    • Jimmy B says:

      Ask the sports talk people (ahem, Mike Valenti), how much Dantonio raised yesterday? It amazes me that they are criticizing the amount.

      • Sue says:

        Michigan State has done plenty to raise money for pediatric cancer. Remember Lacey?? Why does it have to be a contest? # lovelikelacey.

      • Chrissie Wywrot says:

        It definitely is not a contest — quite the opposite. The point is that Chad loved antagonizing his family by supporting Michigan State, so all of the back-and-forth yesterday was fitting! It’s all about these kids and finding a cure!

    • Chrissie Wywrot says:

      Yes, the event in itself was about football! But it gave ChadTough a platform. Please read some of the articles on and on the inspiration section of this site to learn more!

  1. Scott Westerman says:

    Dear Chrissie:

    I’m so happy for the success of the ChadTough fundraiser this week in Ann Arbor.

    As you know, we Spartans have an angel of our own, a wonderful young girl, every bit as magical as was Chad: Our beautiful Princess Lacey. You may also be aware of the phenomenal nationwide success of the “Laces for Lacey” event, where basketball players from many, many teams across the country laced up in Gold to promote Princess Lacey’s Legacy and the 501c3 that reinforces it. Lacey’s story has raised both awareness and substantial financial support for the fight against the pediatric cancers which took both of our angels way too soon.

    So bravo to our Wolverine friends for your singular efforts. And here’s to the Spartans and honorary Spartans worldwide who continue to keep our Princess’ memory alive.

    We’ll always believe that every time we see a Wolverine wearing the traditional golden Maize, that somewhere our two angels are smiling.

    Scott Westerman
    For The MSU Alumni Family

  2. Dale Behler says:

    As a long time Spartans fan, I refuse to let the intense rivalry between Wolverines and Spartans create bad vibes for the fund raising in memory of these two beautiful children. In the fight against children’s cancer, we are all wearing the same colors. Go Blue and Go Green!

  3. E says:

    Are you kidding me?!?!? Your comment is cruel and plain irresponsible you insensitive %!¥¥<€!!!!!! Who says that about a fatal children's disease. I don't know (or care) what team/school you support. To humans (unlike you) some things are more important that a game on the field or a rivalry. It's called REAL LIFE!!!! Try living there!!!

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